Solebury Landscaping Group

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Lawn Care and Maintenance
Weekly, we will professionally cut your lawn, weedwhack foundations/trees/swing sets, edge driveways/patios/sidewalks and blow your clippings from your property after each cut.

Fertilizing and Pest Control
We use proven, successful fertilizers to achieve beautiful results as well as get rid of pests, insects and grubs that can harm your grounds and gardens. 

Aerating and Seeding
We can assist your landscaping by ensuring the correct seed and aerating your soil so that water can reach the root.  Great around trees.

We professionally trim and shape trees, shrubs and bushes.

Seasonal Property Clean-Up
Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? We will take care of it.

Snow Removal
Ditto for snow removal? Our trucks are equipped with snow plows, salters and snow blowers.

Email or call 609.392.6020.



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